Cornish Scoot Dances

Photo of dancers

This section is based on the An Daras “Catch up Your Heels” project 2005 and acts as an online companion to the book. An E-book version of Catch Up Your Heels can be downloaded here. Catch Up Your Heels - E Book 2020 edition



The scoot dances included in the project are listed below with links to instructions, videos and audio files.


Dances With Shuffles                                                                     

Boscastle Breakdown                                                                           

Mr Martins Reel

Mrs Parkyn’s Jig

Dances With Reels                                                                                       

Four Hand Reel

Three Hand Reel

Dances With Brooms and Broom Sticks                                                        

Broom Dance

Broom Stick Dance

Cock in Britches

Other Scoot Dances

Harvey Darvey