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 Kanow Kernewek - Songs In Cornish  

Kenewgh! Sing!   

Community singing in Cornish is a wonderful way to enjoy the sounds of the language whether you are a speaker or not.  This is a collaborative project with the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies with a hard copy book accompanied by a web page with links to subtitled videos (a "bouncy ball" in time with the music) together with a pdf of lyrics that you can download to project on a screen or print off as song sheets.


Shanties (Morgannow) are part of global maritime culture derived from the working songs of the days of sail. It is the nature of shanties that they are readily tailored to individual places and circumstances and this was the case in Cornwall where a number of shanties were identified by Cornish folk song collectors Jim Thomas and  Ralph Dunstan in the 1920s and 30s.  Shanties lend themselves well to being sung in Cornish and are a great way to engage with  language.  In 2019 Lowender Peran set up an outreach project “Morgannow” to share these songs with a wider audience both during the festival and  at events at other times during the year.



The Kernewek Section of the Cornish National has a large number of songs composed in, or translated into Cornish with audio files, videos and music score.

Songs traditional to, and written about Cornwall

The Cornish National Music Archive also carries a large number of songs in English and Cornish Dialect traditional to, written about, and inspired by, Cornwall. Videos and audio files are provided with songs where available as well as music score and the history.

Image of booklet cover Kanow Dons


Kanow Dons – singing for dancing.

Songs in Cornish and English to accompany dancing first published by An Daras in 2005. Click to download pdf e-bookKanow_Dons_E-book.


·        Broom Dance

·        Harvey Darvey

·        Heva  

·        Broom Stick Dance

·        Bodmin Riding

·        The Millers Dance

·        Three Hand Reel

·        Helston Furry

·        Cock in Britches

·        Fish Jouster

·        North Cornwall Furry  

·        Ros Vur                        

·        Old Hand In Hand

·        Lattapuch  


image of booklet cover - Cornish Pub songs


Kanow Tavern - Cornish Pub Songs

in Cornish and English first published by An Daras in 2007. Click to download pdf e-bookKanow Tavern E-book


  • Cadgwith Anthem
  • Camborne Hill / Bre Gambronn
  • George the Magic Chough / Jory An Balores
  • Lamorna
  • Little Eyes / Dewlagas Byghan
  • Maggie May
  • Old Grey Duck / An Hos Loes Koth
  • The Pasty Song / An Gan Basti
  • Roll the Old Chariots / Goes Nelson
  • Sweet Nightingale / Eos Wheg
  • White Rose / An Rosenn Wynn
  • Johnny Bugger / Jonni Boekka

Image of Book Cover - Hengan


This project was originally published by Dyllansow Truran in 1983, edited by Merv Davey. Second edition published by An Daras in 2013. It contains: 21 songs from oral tradition; 9 songs that have been arranged or reconstructed by the editor; 15 dance tunes; and a selection of historical ballads and broadsides. Click to download pdf e-book. Hengan_E-Book

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Cornish Songs In Schools  Community singing, the Cornish “Shout”, is an important and popular part of Cornwall’s cultural heritage. This pack is designed to help teachers engage children with Cornwall’s singing heritage. Produced by Lowender and Cornwall Heritage Trust

Shout Kernow by Hilary Coleman and Sally Burley